Energizing Health works with startups to advance health innovations, then we tackle the problem of bringing these health innovations to marginalized groups. We do this together with health organizations, funding partners, and community leaders.

Everyone should have a fair and just opportunity to be as healthy as possible.

Unfortunately, those affected by poverty and discrimination not only suffer from limited access to quality health care, but they also have to overcome barriers to simple things like transportation, employment, or even healthy foods.

Entrepreneurs, health care providers, and community leaders can come together to address these issues, but they need awareness, relevant data, strategic relationships, and access to resources.

Energizing Health is supported by a three-legged stool. Together with our partners we convene, source, and apply innovation solutions

Energize Health's method is Convene, Source, Innovate

We convene cross sector partners to align open data, resources, and priorities.

We find and nurture tech startups that address our priorities.

We apply what we’ve learned to amplify local and national community initiatives.

Energizing Health is a non-profit organization that works with foundations to fund initiatives that embrace our mission to bring innovation to marginalized groups.

We also work with large healthcare organizations to source startups and to convene thought leaders for events.

Finally, we work with grants and funding sources to create data tools that empower our mission like the NASA funded CHIP research project and the Census Revealer Tool created for the SXSW Mayor’s Conference.