Energizing Health connects early stage healthcare companies with large healthcare organizations

Originally funded as an event sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation, Energizing Health as an organization began in 2014 and has since worked with the nation’s best known brands involved in health and medtech innovation.

Innovation requires partnership

Even with access to the best experts and technologies, large healthcare companies face growing challenges meeting the complex needs of their growing populations effectively and efficiently. The size and complexity of their institutions limit their ability to develop new innovations “in-house” or identify external to new talent and technology.

Successful startups, on the other hand, are often “lean” and quick to “pivot” when innovating and must be quick and accurate to solve problems. They often lack, however, the access and resources to partner with large health providers.

Energizing Health creates a community and culture that bridges the differing sizes, cultures and priorities in order to accelerate collaboration.

Pictured right: Energizing Health brought VP Joe Biden and Dr. Biden to SXSW 2017 for the Connect to End Cancer event produced by Energizing Health for MD Anderson, AT&T, and Merck. Two dozen startups met with the event founders, and eight lucky startups got the help of VP Biden to accelerate their development.

We make connections easier and more effective

Energizing Health leverages our extensive network of industry experts, healthcare brands, startup companies and strategic partners through:
Thoughtfully-vetted Matchmaking

Energizing Health uses our network and internal database to identify successful startups that are best suited for solving the specific needs of our partners. But just making the connection isn’t enough. We work closely with our partners to involve them in the matching process and provided coaching to our companies to best prepare them for success.

Solution-Driven Events

Our conferences, pitch competitions and related social events convene an impressive and extensive array of startups, industry leaders and brands with a single goal: to connect the people and technologies necessary

New Technology and Resources

While our network of startups develop solutions to specific health challenges, Energizing Health is developing research and platforms aimed at solving problems for the sector.

The Not-so-Secret Sauce

The Energizing Health recipe contains three main ingredients: big healthcare brands, industry leaders and successful startups. The magic happens when we convene unlikely partners around a common set of challenges.

Brands we’ve worked with

Industry leaders we’ve worked with

Startups we’ve worked with

A proven model for growth and impact

We typically partner with large national brands (individually or in collaboration with other brands) who pay us a fee to source startups for them who will meet their particular healthcare innovation need. There is no fee to startups (beyond their own travel costs) for participating in our network of events.

Our Team

With offices in Houston and New York City, the Energizing Health Team embodies our ecosystem-building values and strategies by convening executive leadership, advisors, coaches, volunteers and partners to drive and execute our initiatives.


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