March 2019 we convened a historic gathering of entrepreneurs, health organizations, community advocates, philanthropy and industry who innovated for everyone and leveraged technology to advance health equity, eliminate disparities and build healthy communities. At SXSW 2020 we will blow this initiative up to effect change for all people who have been discriminated against because of income, color, orientation, and other social determinates of health.

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Convening. Leading. Collaborating.

Energizing Health connects early-stage health startups with large healthcare brands, we convene educational summits between thought-leaders and entrepreneurs around reaching populations that have been marginalized by discrimination and poverty, and we create opportunities for leaders in government, industry, and innovation to collaborate together to create new and better ways to keep people healthy.

We make connections easier and more effective

Energizing Health leverages our extensive network of industry experts, healthcare brands, startup companies and strategic partners through:

Thoughtfully-vetted Matchmaking

Energizing Health uses our network and internal database to identify successful startups that are best suited for solving the specific needs of our partners. But just making the connection isn’t enough. We work closely with our partners to involve them in the matching process and provided coaching to our companies to best prepare them for success.

Solution-Driven Events

Our conferences, pitch competitions and related social events convene an impressive and extensive array of startups, industry leaders and brands with a single goal: to connect the people and technologies necessary

New Technology and Resources

While our network of startups develop solutions to specific health challenges, Energizing Health is developing research and platforms aimed at solving problems for the sector.

Innovation Through Community

Discover more about the challenges Energizing Health strives to solve: